S3T – Specific Specimen Surface Temperature technology measures sample temperature live and contactless.

Atlas TN102_S3T_Specimen Surface Temperature_2023-07-10

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he surface temperature is decisive for the speed of chemical reactions. However, it is technically difficult to measure this property. Therefore, laboratory weathering instruments use a standardized black panel thermometer (BPT or BST) to determine the maximum surface temperature. The actual sample temperature will then be somewhere between this BPT and the air temperature.

The S3T technology now makes it possible to record the surface temperature of each individual sample during a live test in a Weather-Ometer using a non-contact pyrometer measurement. This gives the weathering experimenter many advantages and new possibilities.

In this Technical Note you learn about:

  • Surface temperatures in photodegradation and weathering
  • S3T system design
  • Validation data for popular weathering standards
  • Benefits and new opportunities for testing and modeling