A Critical Comparison Between Two Important Weathering Testing Standards

Atlas SN100 SAE J2527 ASTM D7869-2023-09-12-1

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Solar radiation, heat, and moisture are acting synergistically on automotive paints inducing microscopic ageing processes. With time, these effects accumulate into macroscopic changes, and ultimately failure of the car paint.

Several national and international standards are available for determining the environmental durability of automotive exterior materials. Two of the most widely used and referenced test methods are ASTM D7869 and SAE J2527. The question often arises as to which is better, faster, or more suitable for car paint systems

In this Standards Guide you learn about the differences between ASTM D7869 and ASAE J2527 regarding:

  • Mechanical stress
  • Cycle frequency and phase duration
  • Temperature
  • Water stress and time of wetness
  • Spectral irradiance and irradiance level