Weathering and Lightfastness Test Methods for Textile Materials and Products

Atlas SG106 Textile Test Methods-2023-07-31-1

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Dyed or other colored textiles can fade or color shift when exposed to the combination of heat, light and moisture. In addition, natural or synthetic polymers can lose mechanical strength. Therefore, it is important to test textiles to determine their stability and durability to the environments in which they will be exposed.

ASTM, ISO and AATCC published general lightfastness and weathering standards for textiles. Application-specific methods, such as for automotive interior, often use these same methods or are modified in OEM or other standards and specifications.

In this 10-page Standards Guide you learn about:
  • Xenon-Arc Weathering and Light Fastness Instruments
  • Blue Wool Reference, Grey Scale
  • Cover Masks
  • Textile Testing Guidelines by Application
    • Color Fastness to Light – Apparel and Home Textiles
    • Weather Fastness – Technical Textiles, Geotextiles, Rope, Functional Wear
    • Hot Light Fastness – Automotive Interior Textiles