Design of Tailored Weathering Test Methods and Programs

16-9 Online Seminar-Test-Method-Development AR-2023-03-01

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Sunlight, heat, and water are the main weather factors causing environmental aging of materials. International, national, and industry standards specify accelerated weathering and lightfastness test methods for specific materials, products, and applications. 

 In case of new materials, products, applications, or geographical markets, published weathering standards may not be the ideal testing solution. Design or modification of a new or modified accelerated weathering test method may be useful. For more complex requirements, several environmental ageing test methods are combined into a comprehensive test program. 

In this Online Seminar you learn about: 

  • Test method and test program 
  • 7-Step process for test program design 
  • Examples
    (1) ASTM D7869 Transportation coatings
    (3) Automotive industry