Weathering, Lightfastness, and Photostability Testing with Xenon Flatbed Instruments
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Sunlight, heat, and water are the main weather factors that cause environmental aging of materials. Xenon instruments are the state-of-the-art solution for laboratory accelerated weathering, lightfastness, and photostability testing.  

Since its introduction in 1976, SUNTEST has grown into a family of all-round xenon instruments. Three sizes support different testing needs, and the flatbed design is ideal for 3-D samples. Because of its flexibility, SUNTEST applications go beyond weathering testing.

In this Online Seminar you learn about:

  • SUNTEST xenon instrument family
  • Weathering and colorfastness testing
  • Applications in Detail:
    • Consumer goods, pharma, F&B, cosmetics
    • Shoes, leisure, fashion, carpets
    • Plastics, floors, WPC
    • Dental materials, SPF, agricultural, biotechnology
    • Electronics, wearables, automotive interior and exterior