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Atlas Online Academy - Fundamentals of Weathering - Part 6 of 6 

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Sunlight, heat, and moisture act synergistically on materials, resulting in microscopic aging, visible degradation, and ultimately product failure. Laboratory weathering instruments simulate and control these primary weather factors in the "worst case".

 A key question is, "Do my accelerated lab test results correlate with the outdoor test data?" Various technical and mathematical tools and methods are available for determining and evaluating correlations from test data.

Understanding methods, tools, and best practices for determining the correlation between different weathering tests is critical to implementing the most efficient and effective testing strategy and drawing the right conclusions for material durability.

This Online Seminar is the last of a 6-part series on Fundamentals of Weathering:

6) Correlation

  • Correlation coefficients: Pearson and Spearman
  • Factors influencing correlation
  • Examples and case studies
  • How to setup a correlation study

The other 5 parts are:

1) Factors of Weathering

2) Outdoor Weathering

3) Laboratory Weathering

4) Test Methods & Basic Standards

5) Acceleration