Technology and method for medium and ultra-accelerated photodegradation studies

16-9 Online-Seminar-SEPAP AR-2023-09-20

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The primary weather factors sunlight, heat, and moisture are causing all materials to age. This process induces chemical and physical property changes and is called “weather ageing” or “weathering”. Microscopic changes accumulate until macroscopic property changes can be observed – and measured.

Microscopic changes are usually measured using spectroscopic or other analytical methods. Macroscopic property changes can be detected visually or instrumentally. The correct application of instrumental and visual sample evaluation methods and technology is critical to determine environmental ageing behavior and finally service life of materials and products.

In this Online Seminar presented by National Center for the Evaluation of Photoprotection (CNEP) you learn about:

  • Photooxidation and photodegradation of polymers
  • Ultra-accelerated photoaging with SEPAP technology
  • FTIR spectroscopy for analysis on molecular level
  • Identification of the critical degradation product
  • Correlation of medium and ultra-accelerated tests to natural exposure