Aggressive UVC fights Corona Virus but may damage materials

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Conventional laboratory weathering simulates solar UV, heat, and moisture in an accelerated way. But with the fight against corona, a new aggressive stress factor on materials was introduced: short wavelength UVC radiation, which never reaches the earth’s surface because it is filtered out by the ozone layer.

UVC light has been used for decades to disinfect water, air, pharma products, and surfaces against pathogens. Now, this technology is used to sterilize surfaces in buses, cars, planes, hospitals, hotels, or schools. Textiles, coated surfaces, plastics, and other materials may degrade much faster than in “normal” use.  Therefore, a suitable accelerated ageing test method against UVC is required.

In this Online Seminar you learn about:

  • What is UVC radiation?
  • End-use applications of UVC sterilization
  • UVC material exposure examples
  • Existing standards and exposure durations