ISO 105-B10 Standards Test Method for Textile Materials and Products

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For keeping aesthetic appeal, textiles – used indoors and outdoors - are routinely tested against the influence of sunlight, heat and water on the color fastness. But often it is equally important to determine loss of mechanical strength, e.g. for ropes, sails, and parachutes. Finally, change in functionality may also be critical, e.g. for hydrophobic coatings used on tents, rain jackets, hiking boots, or water-repellent trousers.

The most frequently used accelerated weathering standard is ISO 105-B10 on xenon-arc testing of textiles for outdoor use. It has four testing options simulating four different climatic zones.

In this Application Guide you learn about:

  • Parameters of ISO 105-B10
  • Four test methods A – D for different climate zones
  • Suitable xenon-arc instruments
  • Test durations by application