TNO researched weathering behavior of polyester coil coatings


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Polyester coil coatings are frequently used for outdoor architectural applications. Accelerated weathering testing is crucial because building materials usually must have a very long service life, although they are fully exposed to the factors of weather.

In 2001, Dutch institute TNO finished a large project on the performance of more than 30 different coil coated materials. Initially, the project was focused on corrosion performance and the selection of reliable artificial corrosion tests, based on correlations with up to 10 years outdoor exposures.

Besides assessing the corrosion performance, gloss measurements were recorded, resulting in an enormous amount of valuable data on various artificial tests and up to 10 years of outdoor exposures.

These data were analyzed with special attention to the different weathering behavior of polyester coil coatings and other, more durable coil coatings.

This Application Note reproduces the findings that were originally published in Atlas SunSpots, Volume 36, Issue 78 in Fall 2006.