SUNTEST CPS+ for testing the in vitro UVA sun protection factor.

Seite1_AN107_SUNTEST CPS+ for in vitro UVA

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Both the COLIPA and ISO 24443 test methods for the in vitro determination of UVA protection are based on measurement of UV transmission through a thin film of sunscreen. Atlas SUNTEST CPS+ is the most reliable UV test chamber for these in vitro UVA SPF test methods.

SUNTEST CPS+ was originally developed for accelerated aging of plastics and other materials. It has been optimized for testing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and offers a fully compliant test spectrum.

In this Application Note you learn about:

  • History of in vivo vs in vitro
  • COLIPA and ISO in vitro UVA SPF test methods
  • Testing requirements and spectrum
  • SunCool chiller and SunTray sample exchanger