State-of-the-Art ASTM Weathering Testing

Atlas Cover AN113 ASTM Standards for Photodegradable Plastics OR_2022-09-05

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At the end of life, plastic packaging often ends up in the environment as waste, contributing to landfill overflow and marine pollution. Bio- or photodegradable plastics are a trend that could help to address this issue by reducing the amount of time it takes for plastics to breakdown from natural processes.

ASTM developed three standards to test the durability of photodegradable plastics, all three recently re-approved.

In this Application Note you learn about:

  • Laboratory weathering of photodegradable plastics using xenon and Fl/UV
  • Outdoor exposure of photodegradable plastics
  • Content of 3 current ASTM standards
  • Specimen preparation