Outdoor Exposure and Accelerated Laboratory Weathering Testing

Cover Atlas-AG112-Adhesives and Sealants-FF-2022-02-16

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Solar radiation, heat and moisture cause environmental ageing of all polymeric materials, including adhesives and sealants. These are key components of many products. Understanding their weathering performance and service life in various environments is critical.

Adhesives and sealants include a broad variety of products and applications. They are used across a variety of industries such as automotive, building and construction materials, signs and labels, textiles, packaging, etc. Key test methods to determine service life, select candidate formulations, or investigate long-term durability are static and accelerated outdoor exposures as well as laboratory weathering testing.

In this 10-page Application Guide you learn about:

  • Types and use of adhesives and sealants
  • Factors of weathering and their effect
  • Light and weather fastness testing technology
  • Test methods and standards
  • References to more information